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The role of active magnesium oxide in chloroprene rubber

The role of active magnesium oxide in chloroprene rubber

Jul 10, 2023

Rubber products are indispensable materials in modern industry and life, and their quality directly affects the performance and service life of products. And magnesium oxide as an important additive in the rubber industry, its quality also determines the quality of rubber products. Zehui's magnesium oxide series products, with their excellent performance and stable quality, have won the trust and praise of many rubber manufacturers.

Magnesium oxide is mainly used for vulcanization reaction in the rubber industry, and is an indispensable part of the rubber vulcanization process. 50% of the industrial production of magnesium oxide flows to the rubber industry. Zehui's magnesium oxide series products include high-activity magnesium oxide, high-purity magnesium oxide, industrial-grade magnesium oxide, light and heavy magnesium oxide, etc., and the parameter indicators can be customized to meet the production needs of various manufacturers.

Among them, active magnesium oxide plays a vital role in chloroprene rubber. Chloroprene rubber is a synthetic rubber with excellent heat resistance, oil resistance, ozone resistance, aging resistance and other properties. It is widely used in automotive, electronic, construction and other fields. Active magnesium oxide can not only be used as a vulcanizing agent together with zinc oxide in chloroprene rubber, but also as an activator and inorganic accelerator for chloroprene rubber, suitable for various types of chloroprene rubber.

So, what are the specific roles of active magnesium oxide in chloroprene rubber? We will introduce them from the following aspects:

- Improve vulcanization efficiency: Active magnesium oxide can achieve a higher vulcanization effect with a lower dosage in the rubber formula, thereby saving costs and improving efficiency.

- Improve scorch performance: Active magnesium oxide can also improve the scorch performance of the compound, and improve the mixing and storage safety of the mixed rubber. This is because active magnesium oxide can react with mercaptan accelerators to form mercaptan salts that are not easy to decompose, thereby reducing the decomposition rate and heat release of accelerators during mixing.

- Enhance physical properties: Active magnesium oxide can react with vulcanizing agents in rubber to form magnesium sulfide. Magnesium sulfide can react with double bonds in rubber to form cross-linked structures, which make rubber molecules cross-linked with each other, thereby improving the hardness and strength of rubber.

-Neutralize harmful substances: The addition of active magnesium oxide can not only improve the physical properties of chloroprene rubber, but also neutralize hydrogen chloride produced during vulcanization, avoiding harm to human body during production process. Hydrogen chloride is a strong acidic gas that irritates and corrodes the human respiratory system and eyes. In severe cases, it can cause poisoning and suffocation. Active magnesium oxide can react with hydrogen chloride to form harmless magnesium chloride and water, thus protecting the environment and human health.

In summary, the role of active magnesium oxide in chloroprene rubber is multifaceted. It can not only improve the quality and performance of rubber, but also ensure the safety and environmental protection of production. Zehui, as a professional manufacturer of magnesium oxide, has advanced production equipment and testing methods, and can provide customers with high-quality and cost-effective magnesium oxide products. If you have any needs or questions about magnesium oxide, please feel free to contact us. We will serve you wholeheartedly!