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The Key Application of Magnesium Hydroxide in Cables

The Key Application of Magnesium Hydroxide in Cables

Jun 30, 2023

Overview of the Cable Industry

With the continuous growth of the global market and the stable development of China’s macro economy, China’s wire and cable industry has also achieved rapid development. With its excellent product quality and cost performance advantages, the export volume of the wire and cable industry continues to grow, and the export scale of China’s wire and cable industry is steadily expanding. In this regard, we cannot ignore the important role played by magnesium hydroxide.

The Flame Retardant Principle of Magnesium Hydroxide in Cables

Magnesium hydroxide is an excellent environmentally friendly flame retardant that can avoid some safety issues that arise during the use of cables. Its principle is to absorb a large amount of heat through decomposition, and the water generated can isolate air. The magnesium oxide generated after decomposition is a good fire-resistant material, cutting off the supply of oxygen, preventing the flow of combustible gases, and helping to improve the ability of resin to resist flames. Moreover, the thermal decomposition temperature of magnesium hydroxide is as high as 330°C, so its flame retardancy is very superior as a flame retardant. Moreover, it does not produce corrosive halogen gas or harmful gas during use, and has the characteristics of smokeless, non-toxic, non-dripping, non-volatile, long-lasting effect and so on.

The Benefits of Adding Magnesium Hydroxide to Cable Sheath

Ze Hui has found through research that adding magnesium hydroxide to cable sheath also has the following benefits:

  1. The particle size distribution of magnesium hydroxide is uniform and can be well compatible with the base material with little impact on the mechanical properties of the product.
  2. The content of magnesium hydroxide products is high and their flame retardancy is good.
  3. The activation effect of magnesium hydroxide products is good, with high activation degree and good fusion.
  4. The filling amount of magnesium hydroxide products in cable sheaths is large, which can greatly reduce the cost of cable materials.
  5. The processing temperature of materials added with magnesium hydroxide is high (the decomposition temperature of magnesium hydroxide is 330°C, which is 100 degrees higher than that of aluminum hydroxide), and the extrusion speed is increased, which can improve the plasticizing effect and surface glossiness of products.

The price of magnesium hydroxide is low. Tests have shown that under the premise of achieving the same flame retardancy effect, using Mg(OH)2 costs half as much as using Al(OH)3.

Different manufacturers’ products may also affect experimental results. Since its establishment, Ze Hui Magnesium Base has been committed to researching and producing high-quality, high-content, high-whiteness and high-activity magnesium compound products that are recognized by customers.