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Introduction to High Purity Magnesium Hydroxide

Introduction to High Purity Magnesium Hydroxide

May 30, 2023


There are many types of magnesium oxide, such as light magnesium oxide and heavy magnesium oxide. However, with the transformation and upgrading of downstream industries using magnesium oxide, especially the increasing market demand for high-tech functional materials, ordinary magnesium oxide can no longer meet the needs of high technology. Therefore, more refined magnesium oxide products have been derived, such as active magnesium oxide and high-purity magnesium oxide. Today we will focus on high-purity magnesium oxide. High-purity magnesium oxide refers to a product with a magnesium oxide content of more than 96% and other indicators such as calcium, iron, sulfate, etc. controlled below a few tenths of a percent. High-purity magnesium oxide has excellent acid and alkali resistance and electrical insulation, as well as good light transmittance and high thermal conductivity. It is widely used as a high-temperature resistant material.


Application of High Purity Magnesium Oxide

High-purity magnesium oxide is used as a raw material for ceramic crucibles and substrates in the ceramic industry; it is used as a filler for magnetic devices, insulation materials, and various carriers in the electronics and electrical industries. High-purity magnesium oxide with a content of more than 99% is the best chemical raw material for producing oriented silicon steel sheets in the world today. In addition, using high-purity magnesium oxide as a raw material, special series products such as fused magnesia single crystals, high-purity fused magnesia, and nanoscale magnesia can also be produced. These products are widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, optics, instrumentation, metallurgy, national defense and aerospace.


Development Prospects

With the development of industry, the application scale of high-purity magnesium oxide in traditional fields is expanding day by day, new application fields are constantly being explored and developed, the market capacity is expanding continuously, and from the development trend, the consumption proportion of high-purity magnesium oxide is increasing year by year. It is gradually being recognized and used in silicon steel, food, medicine, electronics and other fields with very promising prospects.