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JIANGSU ZEHUI MAGNESIUM NEW MATERIAL TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. is one of the professional and largest magnesia compound manufacturers in China. Headquater and advanced R&D are located in Wuxi city Jiangsu Province. Three factories are based in Shangdong, Qinghai and Liaoning Provinces. 


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With the experience of manufacturing magnesium salt for more than 50 years, the enterprise has became one of the biggest companies including research, manufacture and marketing...

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With leading by 12 excellent doctors in R&D team , cutting-edged equipments , ISO 9000 and ISO 14001 certificates , our annual production capacity is more than 100,000 tons. As supplier of top world's 500 enterprises, we always would meet customer's different requests in various industries.

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Do you know that magnesium oxide can be used in cables?

Do you know that magnesium oxide can be used in cables?

Do you know that magnesium oxide can be used in cables?    In recent years, due to the downward pressure of the global economy as a whole and the continuous progress of science and technology, the life cycle of products is increasingly shortened.  If an enterprise wants to occupy the market for a long time, it must constantly adapt to the changing market trend and bring forth the new in order to adapt to the changing market demand.  Speaking of magnesium oxide, many people are familiar with it. It is widely used in life, and magnesium oxide is found in all walks of life. Do you know that magnesium oxide can be used in cables?  Let's take a look.   Magnesium oxide in the cable is commonly known as fireproof cable grade magnesium oxide, is a kind of cable using magnesium oxide as insulation material, has the advantages of high temperature resistance, fire prevention, explosion-proof, can work normally in the high temperature environment of 1300℃, with a certain moisture-proof ability.  With the formation of scientific and technological innovation and system, the adjustment and optimization of magnesium oxide product structure are also accelerated.  Magnesium oxide is an ionic compound, is the oxide of magnesium, its high purity, good activity, white color is its own characteristics, it has a high fire-resistant insulation performance, in addition to colorless, tasteless, non-toxic safety characteristics.  Magnesium oxide is added to the cable mainly because magnesium oxide can be used as anti-coke agent and filler. The benefits are mainly reflected in the following aspects:   1. Completely fireproof    Magnesium oxide cable itself will not burn completely, can maintain normal operation for 30min in the limit of 1000℃, can avoid ignition source      2. Good corrosion resistance    Magnesium oxide is insoluble in water and can be waterproof, moisture, oil and some chemicals, so it is often used as a seamless copper sheath.      3. High operating temperature   Because the melting point temperature of magnesium oxide crystal in the insulation layer is higher than that of copper, the maximum temperature of long-term operation of the cable can reach 250℃. The cable with magnesium oxide can keep running for a long time at 250℃.   Long service life   Magnesium oxide cables are all made of inorganic materials, so there is no insulation aging, and the service life can reach more than 3 times that of ordinary cables.   It is recommended to wear masks and gloves during use. The product should be stored in a dry place. It is recommended that the product be used within 8 months.